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Why choose HDI SEGUROS as your Boat & Watercraft Insurance company?

  • We offer a flexible product. Choose only the coverage you need!
  • Decide your deductible, pay the agreed amount if your watercraft suffers an event.
  • Benefit from third party boat liability. We back you up for any damage to passengers, watercrafts or their belongings.
  • Feel protected with medical and ambulance service for owners and passengers.
  • Get emergency towing and assistance in case of an accident.


We know that navigating is one of your favorite hobbies but safety is important while enjoying time with your boat. Having the right coverage is important, that’s why we offer our Pleasure Watercraft Insurance which gives you the option to choose from our Hull and/or Third-Party Liability Coverage (Simple or Complete):

Total Loss:

Whether it’s on water or inland, your boat is protected in case of hurricane, fire, flood, explosion and more.

Violent Total Theft:

If you are a victim of theft or robbery while sailing or on port, we will compensate you!

Towing Expenses:

If your watercraft was damaged and needs repair, we can offer you towing services to the nearest port.

Shipwreck Debris Removal Costs:

Your watercraft needs to be removed or disposed by legal request; we can cover up to 15% of the ships value.

Simple Protection and Indemnity:

We cover the damage your boat causes to any third party or their property.

Your Simple Protection and Indemnity, in addition to:

Death or Bodily Injury:

We cover your legal liability for death or bodily injury to other people arising from the use of your boat.

Collision Damage ¼:

If other ships or vessels suffer damage caused by your watercraft, we insure with ¼ of the sum of the boat’s hull.

Repatriation Costs:

Should you shipwreck or founder, we take care of the crew members repatriation costs, salaries included!

Port, Dock or Pier Damage:

Should your watercraft cause any damage, we cover the cost even for others personal belongings!

ícono de cobertura para remoción de escombros

Debris Removal:

If you need to remove or destroy your ships debris, we help you with the expenses.


On account of an infectious disease, we’ll cover costs and expenses for disinfection and medical bills of your ship and crew onboard.


If a crew member gets sick or injured, we cover the deviation to land, port expenses, fuel and provisions costs.

Judicial Costs & Fees:

If you or a party of your crew gets condemn due to an accident, we carry the cost and fees of the litigation process.

Reef Damage:

For any accidental damage done to any natural or artificial coral reefs, we back you up paying for the indemnification cost!

You wish to add extra services? We offer optional coverage to your plan. Ask your HDI Agent.

Partial Breakdown:

Any partial damage caused by hurricane, fire, flood, explosion, etc. is covered when your watercraft is sailing.

Collision ¾:

If other ships or vessels suffer damage caused by your watercraft, this is the perfect complement to your Collision Damage ¼.

Protection And Compensation for People Involved in Towed Water Sports:

Cover damages arising for when your boat is towing a water skier or any other towed aquatic sport.

Land Towing:

We will pay de compensation if you suffer a total loss, while moving your watercraft through land, caused by: hurricane, fire explosion, earthquake, collision, loading or unloading maneuvers, etc.

Medical Expenses & Personal Accidents for Passengers:

If the passengers or crew suffer an accident onboard, we pay the expenses for medical, surgical, hospital, pharmaceutical, ambulance and nursing services, as well as death by accident.

Medical Expenses & Personal Accidents for Water Skiers, Surfers and Jet Ski Users:

If an accident happens while practicing any of this water sports, we will pay for the medical bills!

Ícono seguro de daños por huelgas o alborotos populares

Strike and Riot:

Damage, loss or theft caused by strikes, riots or popular disturbances, are covered by our indemnification plans.

Loss or Theft of Personal Belongings:

Loss or theft of personal or sports belongings are covered up to $5,000 USD.

Damage to Electronic Communication & Navigation Equipment and other Electronic Devices Onboard.

Through this coverage, will indemnify damage as a result of fire, hurricane, explosion, earthquake, etc. of the additional equipment and parts that are permanently installed in the watercraft by the manufacturer while navigating or sailing.

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