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HDI Balance

To us, sustainability is a fundamental value, that’s why we connect with those minds that are concerned with taking care of our home called Earth, and all that live in it. Along with our clients, collaborators, and agents, we work constantly in favor of each time increasingly balanced social and environmental environments under the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) concept.

Together, we work for a sustainable world

Today we are generating sustainable actions based on four pillars:


We improve air quality with actions that help to reduce the carbon footprint.


We make sustainable investments that take care of the environment.2. We make sustainable investments that take care of the environment.


We design products that generate a sustainable balance.


We are a diverse and inclusive company.

More than 1 million pesos have been donated to different associations such as:

Social Responsibility

We are a company committed to society and the environment; we generate actions to support various causes.

Sustainability report

Transparency is vital to us, which is why we share with you our sustainability report, which contains all our actions on the environmental, social, and governance issues, and it is made based on the GRI 2021 standards.

Read it here


We participate in the investment working groups of AMIS, which is a union organization that represents the general interest of insurance companies, promoting the healthy and sustainable development of insurance through best practices.

We also are part of the Mexican Council of Sustainable Finance (Consejo Mexicano de Finanzas Sostenibles), which is the representative organism of the Mexican financial sector that promotes best practices in green and sustainable finance, the creation of capabilities between market stockholders, and the mobilization of capitals that allows the transition towards a greener, more equitable and resilient economy.

We are committed to international regulations such as “Principles for Responsible Investment” (PRI) of which we are signatories.


In HDI SEGUROS, as a sustainable company, we have decided join to the United Nations Global Compact as members since August 2nd, 2022. Strengthening our commitment to the environment, society, and our company, by carrying out practices based on the ten principles that boost us to move towards on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Principles for Sustainability in Insurance:

As part of Talanx group we have been part of this initiative since May 2020, whose objective is to work together with our clients and business partners to raise awareness about sustainability, manage risks and develop adequate solutions.

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